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Brought to you
M Knill

A very warm welcome to my home page.  From my homeland of over 40 years Wales, my findings take us on a fascinating journey across Wales, places such as
Llandeilo, Swansea, Carmarthen and afar afield as Australia and America.

I hope the information I am about to share with you will give you some hindsight into the lives and times of my ancestors.

Although being curiously interested in my ancestors the turning point for me was reading the remarkable diary that Thomas Jenkins of Llandeilo kept, a man of many talents as the diary revealed.

Who was this man?  This man was my great-great-great grandfather.

My thanks goes out to everyone for their valuable help which prompted and enabled me to produce this page.  Including Derrick and Joyce Jenkins of Gorseinon Swansea, and also Kay Holloway (nee Jenkins) of Queensland who provided the Australian link as well has  facts and figures that  I'd yet uncovered and would probably still be searching, thanks Kay.

I have chosen to dedicate this web page to my
grandfather Henry James Jenkins a gentleman, in many ways and to my late mother Joan a very dear and
special person in my life.